Windows Optimisation Pack

Importante: Leer el Readme en GitHub y usar bajo tu responsabilidad. Personalmente no recomiendo usarlo en tu ordenador de uso personal, más bien lo veo para ordenadores de un aula de informática o ordenadores usados por múltiples usuarios.

Este script puede ser útil en ordenadores de aula usado por múltiples usuarios.

Key Features


  • Windows Cleanup
  • Maintance Windows
  • Remove Windows Bloatware
  • Disable Windows Spying
  • Lower CPU and Ram usage
  • Sophia Script 
    • Set up Privacy & Telemetry;
    • Enable DNS-over-HTTPS for IPv4;
    • Turn off diagnostics tracking scheduled tasks with pop-up form written in WPF;
    • Set up UI & Personalization;
    • Uninstall OneDrive «correctly»;
    • Interactive prompts;
    • The TAB completion for functions and their arguments (if using the Functions.ps1 file);
    • Change %TEMP% environment variable path to %SystemDrive%\Temp;
    • Change location of the user folders programmatically (without moving user files) within interactive menu using arrows to select a drive
      • «Desktop»
      • «Documents»
      • «Downloads»
      • «Music»
      • «Pictures»
      • «Videos»
    • Install free (light and dark) «Windows 11 Cursors Concept v2» cursors from Jepri Creations on-the-fly;
    • Uninstall UWP apps displaying packages names;
      • Generate installed UWP apps list dynamically
    • Restore the default uninstalled UWP apps for current user displaying localized packages names;
    • The TAB autocompletion for function and its’ arguments by typing first letters;
    • Disable Windows features displaying friendly packages names with pop-up form written in WPF;
    • Uninstall Windows capabilities displaying friendly packages names with pop-up form written in WPF;
    • Download and install the HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer to be able to open HEVC format;
    • Register app, calculate hash, and set as default for specific extension without the «How do you want to open this» pop-up using special function;
    • Export all Windows associations. Associations will be exported as Application_Associations.json file in script root folder;
    • Import exported JSON file after a clean installation. You have to install all apps according to an exported JSON file to restore all associations;
    • Install any supported Linux distrobution for WSL displaying friendly distro names with pop-up form written in WPF;
    • Create a Windows Cleanup and Windows Cleanup Notification scheduled tasks for Windows cleaning up unused files and updates;
      • A native toast notification will be displayed where you can choose to snooze, run the cleanup task or dismiss
    • Create tasks in the Task Scheduler to clear
      • %SystemRoot%\SoftwareDistribution\Download
      • %TEMP%
    • Pin shortcuts to Start via pure PowerShell
      • Three shortcuts are pre-configured to be pinned: Control Panel, «old style» Devices and Printers.
    • Unpin all Start menu tiles;
    • Turn on Controlled folder access and add protected folders using dialog menu;
    • Add exclusion folder from Microsoft Defender Antivirus scanning using dialog menu;
    • Add exclusion file from Microsoft Defender Antivirus scanning using dialog menu;
    • Refresh desktop icons, environment variables and taskbar without restarting File Explorer;
    • Configure the Windows security;
    • Display all policy registry keys (even manually created ones) in the Local Group Policy Editor snap-in (gpedit.msc);
    • Many more File Explorer and context menu «deep» tweaks.
  • O&OShutUp (Free antispy tool for Windows 10 and 11)
  • Remove Cortana and OneDrive
  • Deactivate Windows Indexing
  • Deactivate Tasks & Components
  • Mouse acceleration Fix
  • More Windows Tweaks

Ejecutar en PowerShell como Admin:

irm | iex

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