Rich Roll’s 3 Key lessons On Age & Fitness

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«1. Train Where You Are: it’s hard to resist comparing your current self to your fittest self. Overcoming this urge is key. When the pace clock or watch are no longer a tool but own you as an instrument of dread, it’s time to let it go (who cares anyway?). Accept your current state whatever that may be. Embrace reality as a foundation upon which to enthusiastically build.»

«2. Consistency Wins: true regardless of age (& applicable in all areas of life) but the older I get the more central it becomes. What you do daily/incrementally far exceeds in importance the volume and/or intensity of the output. Rinse. Repeat. Sustainability reigns supreme.»

«3. The Small Things Are The Big Things: Youth permits leniency. You can get away with a lot. But age does not forgive, it reveals. What was overlooked is never denied over time. So what may have once been secondary or optional must now take center stage.

Specifically this means over-indexing on nutrition, recovery, sleep, core, functional strength, mobility, stretching—the laundry list is long but you get the idea. It’s the annoying stuff that sucks time away from ‘the workout’ itself that must become ‘the workout’.

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way on this one, now managing significant lower back issues I know could have been prevented had I heeded the advice I just gave you but did not take myself until preventable problems arose.

I should add that all of the above is applicable and relevant beyond the age issue to other areas of fitness, injury prevention/recovery and just life & well-being generally.

To end, It’s an exciting time to be alive as an older athlete. Everywhere I look I see age & capability barriers being broken in spectacular fashion. I believe we have only begun to tap what is truly possible. And I’m here for all of it. Hope this thread was helpful ✌️🌱»

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