Send a thought of love

“When you retire at night and when you wake up in the morning send a thought of love to the whole world. When you can sincerely love everything and everybody you will be astonished at the results, for love is the magnet that attracts the best of everything. Love and praise your body, think what …

If you don’t like where you are 

If you don’t like where you are, change what you are. — HENRY KNIGHT MILLER

How to improve social skills

How to improve social skills: 1 say ‘Thank you’2 say ‘Please’3 listen without interrupting4 do not brag5 wait your turn6 choose kind over clever7 hold doors open longer8 forgive first9 talk less, but say more10 show gratitude11 do not respond to negativity12 be humble Vala Afshar

Para mejorar tus ideas

Para mejorar tus ideas lee y escribe más Vala Afshar

What matters is your reaction

“You cannot always prevent unpleasant things from happening, but YOU CAN DEVELOP THE HABIT OF SELF CONTROL AND WHAT HAPPENS DOES NOT MATTER BUT YOUR REACTION TO THEM IS WHAT COUNTS.” — Key To Yourself por Venice J. Bloodworth

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