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  • Just one goal

    “Fix one goal at a time, concentrate on just one desire.” — Key To Yourself por Venice J. Bloodworth https://amzn.to/3MrgBs3

  • What do you truly want?

    “We have so many mild desires and we do not really believe we can obtain any one of them, and we are so used to lightly wishing for things that we do not KNOW WHAT WE WANT.” — Key To Yourself por Venice J. Bloodworth https://amzn.to/3MrgBs3

  • Good Thoughts. Bad Thoughts

    “Cheerful, happy, constructive, loving, kindly thoughts set in motion vibrations which bring us good results. Thoughts of worry, envy, hatred, criticism and other thoughts of discord set in motion vibrations that bring bad results.” Book Key To Yourself

  • Las 12 reglas de Stanley Kubrick

    Si lo abres, ¡CIERRALO! Si lo enciendes, ¡APÁGALO! Si lo desbloqueas, ¡BLOQUEALO! Si lo rompes, ¡ARREGLALÓ! Si no puedes arreglarlo, ¡llama a alguien que pueda! Si lo tomas prestado, ¡Devuélvelo! Si lo usas, ¡Devuélvelo! Si lo ensucias, ¡Límpialo! Si lo mueves, ¡devuélvelo a sitio! Si es de otra persona, ¡pide permiso para usarlo! Si no…

  • Stanley Kubrick’s 12 rules

    If you open it, CLOSE IT! If you turn it on, TURNIT OFF! If you unlock it, LOCK IT! If you break it, REPAIR IT! If you can’t fix it, CALL IN SOMEONE WHO CAN! If you borrow it, RETURN IT! If you use it, PUT IT BACK! If you make a mess, CLEAN IT…

  • Never give up

  • Before you give up

    There are times when even the bravest want to give up; times when appearances indicate that everything is against us, and it is no use to try. At such times you should remember that it is always darkest just before the dawn; that a little more faith, a little more patience is all that we…

  • Concentrate on what you want

    Concentrate on what you want. Never let your thoughts dwell on what you do not want Key to your self I could add to this quote: concentrate on what you want and visualize it

  • Real artists ship

    Real artists ship

    En este blog ya tengo una buena lista de borradores pendientes de completar, y hoy me he acordado de una frase de Steve Jobs: «Real artist ship!», cuya traducción literal podría ser: «Los artistas de verdad entregan». Con esta frase Jobs se refiere a la necesidad de llevar a cabo las ideas y transformarlas en…

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