Rich Roll’s 3 Key lessons On Age & Fitness

“1. Train Where You Are: it’s hard to resist comparing your current self to your fittest self. Overcoming this urge is key. When the pace clock or watch are no longer a tool but own you as an instrument of dread, it’s time to let it go (who cares anyway?). Accept your current state whatever …

5 Minutes in Nature Daily Experience

La importancia del contacto con la naturaleza

Rock, paper, scissors in Python

Importamos la función randint de la librería random. Creamos una lista llamada t con las diferentes opciones (Rock, Paper, Scissors)Creamos una variable para almacenar la jugada el ordenador (computer) y la del jugador (player).A player le asignamos un valor aleatorio de la lista y a player le damos el valor ‘False‘. Bucle: todos los juegos …

Cuida tus pensamientos

La felicidad de tu vida depende de la calidad de tus pensamientos Marco Aurelio

Before you give up

There are times when even the bravest want to give up; times when appearances indicate that everything is against us, and it is no use to try. At such times you should remember that it is always darkest just before the dawn; that a little more faith, a little more patience is all that we …

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